Chevelle Centerdrive™ Truckarm Kit

Our Centerdrive™ Truckarm Kit eliminates wheel hop, vastly improves handling and traction while maintaining a comfortable and compliant ride. We like to say that it rides likes a Cadillac and handles like a slot car.

This kit is designed to work with any standard sized rearend and comes with all the required brackets for a blank rearend. The included screw jacks allow you to adjust the ride height of your vehicle and set wedge to improve your launch. If the car wants to step out on you, put a few rounds in on the offending side and you will be launching arrow straight.

The Chevelle CenterDrive Kit fully boxes your stock frame and can be installed by someone with basic welding skills in a weekend. This kit will have your old A-body taking corners comfortably at speeds that you never before dreamed to be possible.

This kit fully replaces the stock triangulated 4-link suspension and comes complete with springs and shocks. Fits 1964 - 1972 Chevelles.

Average Kit Install Time : 8 Hours